Mini Capping Rail

Dress Rail for Glass Balustrades

Dress Rail for Glass BalustradesOur Mini Capping Rail is designed as a dress rail for glass balustrades. Suits 12mm glass and comes with a range of fittings to allow angle and height changes on site, no welding required. This petite unit at 25mm wide x 21mm high can be simply fitted to new or existing balustrade glass.

Product Features

  • Designed as a dress rail for glass balustrades, with the smallest profile possible.
  • Provides edge protection and peace of mind for those who are uncomfortable with no glass capping.
  • Suits 12mm glass
  • A complete range of fittings means angles and height changes can be achieved on site with no welding necessary.
  • No Holes in the glass are required and so can be simply fitted retroactively.
  • Manufactured from stainless steel for long life, strength and serviceability.
  • Available in Polished Stainless or Satin finishes