Handrails and Brackets

Stainless Steel Handrails for Stairs and Glass Balustrades

Stainless Steel Handrails for Stairs and Glass BalustradesShower Solutions supply quality stainless steel handrails for Stairs and Glass Balustrades to comply with the latest NZ Building Code. Our range of four handrail systems combine slim profiles with ergonomic and contemporary styling. Options include a Top Rail mounted on the glass edge, or side-mounting to the wall or glass using our stainless steel handrail brackets. Our Capping Rail will provide glass edge protection and is able to be fitted retroactively.

Rialto Oval Handrail

Featuring a comfortable grasp and slim profile, the Rialto Oval Handrail can be used as a structural balustrade or as a stair handrail. Compliant with the recent changes to council regulations, it can be top-fixed or side-mounted to the glass, or wall, using stainless steel handrail brackets. No holes in the glass are required when used as a top handrail, and the interlinking rail means the integrity of the balustrade is maintained.

Product Features

  • A comfortable grasp and narrow 30mm profile for less visual instrusion.
  • Continuous sections and a range of accessories means angles and height changes can be done on site with easy installation and no welding necessary.
  • Meets building code as a structural balustrade handrail and a stair handrail.
  • In addition to being a top rail, it can be side mounted to glass or walls using our stainless steel handrail brackets.
  • Suits 12mm and up to 17.52mm toughened or laminated glass.
  • No holes in the glass required, unless handrail brackets are used.
  • Wall brackets and end caps available for finishing detail.
  • Manufactured from 2205 Stainless Steel for long life, strength and serviceability.
  • Available in Polished Stainless or Satin finishes

Auckland Stainless Steel Handrail Specifications
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